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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not such a great birthday present

Most people would get their horse a bag of carrots or a new bridle for their birthday, but Dash got an ultrasound.

For the last nearly three months Dash has been "off."  Not really sick, but not quite herself, sleeping a lot, standing like she was in discomfort, and seemed to have difficulty peeing.  But most of the time was fine, and I've been riding her when weather permits.
After ruling out things with blood tests and urine tests, today we did an ultrasound and discovered her left ovary was the size of a softball.  Normally they should be about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little bigger than that.
We're waiting to hear what the insurance company wants to do next but spaying is a likely option, which would be fine with me since I don't ever plan to breed from her and had been thinking of having her spayed anyway due to some hormonal behaviors over the last few years (that might actually be related to this problem.)
Dottie and Dawn are fine, fat and lazy and shedding, but they're going to have to stop being lazy now since I won't be riding Dash until this gets resolved.  The other day I rode her and it was the ride from hell which has NEVER happened with her before, and I think she was in pain. 
Hopefully we'll be able to treat her quickly, even if that means spaying, and get her more comfortable soon.

And that's the latest from the Ranch.

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