Riding 29 year old Sandy in 1997

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Learning something new!

I've been taking dressage lessons at Patterson Ranch in Star Valley, AZ, since the middle of February and this week my cousin from Switzerland was here and came to watch what was probably my 18th lesson.  Sissi took some pics and video of me on "Paul," a 22 year old 16.2 hand appendix Quarter Horse gelding that I use for most of my lessons.  My instructor is Shari Patterson. 

On a 20 meter circle

I think I need to keep my elbows in more here

Ending a 20 meter circle in the other direction

Shoulder in

Starting haunches in

I was able to see some areas I need to work on, such as keeping my heels down and my lower legs more still.  And . . . the 15 pounds I gained since Thanksgiving is very much in evidence!  But overall, I'm fairly pleased with my progress so far.  I had described myself as riding "like a sack of meal" before I started and I think I'm a bit improved over that characterization.

Click the arrows to start the videos.  Most are brief; the fourth one is over six minutes.


And that's the latest from the Ranch.

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