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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cut off from the world

Well, except for the internet, anyway.

I have lost my cell phone. While I can call it and retrieve any messages anyone leaves me, I can't call anyone back. And I can only call and get messages if I borrow someone else's phone.

It's interesting how lost I feel without it. And helpless, to some extent, since it has been a long time since I backed up that phone book in it and I have no idea where I backed it up TO. And I gave away the phone before this, and they already wiped my data so I can't even restore up to that point if I have to get a new phone; I'd have to go back to the one before that, if I can even figure out which phone in my "old phones" box is the one I had before the last one.

So I really hope I find it soon. I may need to go buy another one if I don't find it today just so I have something I can keep calling it with . . . but if I activate a new phone on that number it will deactivate the phone I need to find. Probably I'll go get a cheap Tracphone to use.

I'm pretty sure I took it to town yesterday afternoon but can't find it in my car or house, it wasn't at any of the three places I got out while I was in town. Likely I dropped it getting in or out of the car and someone picked it up.

No end to the drama at Rancho Mucho Caca.

Update: Found it under a hay pallet. It fell out of my pocket while I was stacking hay yesterday. Luckily it fell under the pallet, not under the hay. I had to lie on the garage floor and reach into the pallet to get it but at least I didn't have to move five bales of hay to get it.

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