Riding 29 year old Sandy in 1997

Friday, November 4, 2011

Suburban Cowgirl Book and Calendar now available

My writing career didn't start with this blog.  Seven years ago, I published "Tails" of a Suburban Cowgirl, which has recently been converted for Kindle, Nook, and Ipad.  See links at the bottom of this page.  I've also been creating an annual calendar, The Manure Makers of Rancho Mucho Caca, since 2003, and the 2012 edition is now available.

Links for all these items are at the bottom of the page.  Great gifts for Christmas for the horse lover in your life, especially if you're a friend or relative who actually cares about the critters who share my life.

Even if you're not a friend or relative, if you love horses, you'll love these items.

And that's the latest from the bookshelf.

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