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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Justice for a murdered horse

I've been silent for a few days because my thoughts have been so consumed with the senseless murder of the rodeo horse Credit Card and the abduction and torture of four of his stablemates. Jaci Jackson, upset because these other rodeo horses were better than hers, arranged their theft, watched as her accomplice shot and mutilated Credit Card, and left the other four horses tied to trees to die without food or water.

Luckily the other horses were found, alive but in poor condition, nearly two weeks after they were stolen in the night along with a horse trailer and tack.

It's hard to even put into words my thoughts about this, which is why I've been silent. The theft of any pet is only a tiny step below the kidnapping of a child. So many people treat their pets like family, think of them as their children, refer to themselves as the pet's "mama" or "daddy," ... and grieve as long and hard when they die.

I can understand someone through need or greed stealing an animal for monetary gain. But to steal an animal for no other reason than to deprive its owner of the animal, and to ensure that the owner will have only pain and anguish left, blocking out all the happy memories, because they are overwhelmed by the reason and method of the animal's death is a cruelty beyond imagination.

I'm reminded of a story someone felt the need to post on Facebook about a man who decapitated his handicapped stepson -- okay, I can understand the motivation of a frustrated parent ending the burden of care -- and then left the head for the boy's mother to find. And there is NO understanding THAT. Bad enough to kill; but to inflict that horror on the mother who loved the boy -- WHY???

And this is the same thing. If you're twisted enough to want the horses dead, fine, shoot them. Let them be dead. But to torture them by tying four of them in the woods to suffer without food or water for over a week? What is the point of that, other than to let their owners know that their horses suffered horribly? Shooting Credit Card was bad enough. But to mutilate and cut up his body? That wasn't directed at the horse, it was directed at his owner, to maximize the owner's pain.

I just can't wrap my brain around such unspeakable evil.

I'm torn between wanting that soulless bitch locked up for life and wanting her released so that TRUE justice can be done. For it's nearly certain that the court will not give justice for that murdered horse and his suffering owners. Likely she'll get some token sentence, probation, an order to never own another horse (what good will that do? It wasn't HER horse she abused), and probably monetary restitution for the market value of the horse, which will probably be paid by her accomplice mother.

That is no justice for her cruelty.

I have written to the judge in the case and asked him to give the maximum sentence. Thousands of others are likely filling his inbox as I write this, likely the letters will be ignored. But maybe some will be read.

She's already posted bail. Her $100,000 bail was approximately equal to the collective market value of the horses and trailer she stole. No acknowledgement that this wasn't an inanimate object, this was a living, breathing, beloved animal she murdered. Her bail should have been a million dollars. $100,000 is an insult to Credit Card and his owner.

I can only pray that judge will look beyond the notion that this was "just a horse" and realize it was not "just a horse" but the death of a young man's friend, companion, partner -- and his dreams. His love of horses will be forever tarnished by the memory of the one a jealous, insecure, demented lunatic butchered with no more thought than swatting a fly.

She can pay him for the horse. But how can she ever make restitution for the permanent damage done to the joy in his life that was once provided by a horse named Credit Card?

Stealing a horse used to be a hanging offense. Maybe it should be again.

And that's the latest from the Ranch.

Note: they are asking that people NOT contact the judge in the case but to direct comments to the prosecutors:

David Bulter is the prosecuting attorney in Arkansas! Make sure to drop him a line to!
P.O. Box 727
Magnolia, AR 71753


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