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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Still puzzled

Had the vet out for Dash this morning. All her vitals are back to normal, she's got gut sounds, but she didn't pass any manure since about 9 last night. She could just be empty, if she actually had gone off her feed the day before yesterday, or she could be developing a mild impaction.

The vet gave her some mineral oil by stomach tube and another dose of Banamine. But we're both puzzled by the fever, so he took blood for some tests. In the meantime, I took away her uneaten hay, except for a very small amount and I'll watch her today to see what goes in and what comes out.

Will update as things develop.

And that's the latest from the sickroom at the Ranch.

Update, 9:30 at night:

She's refusing to eat her normal hay (teff) but hungry and willing to eat some alfalfa or her strategy pellets. But she's only pooped once since about this time last night, and she normally goes about 8 times in 24 hours.

She's feeling better but until stuff starts coming out the other end, I'm restricting how much goes in the front.

Should have blood results in the morning.

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